What to bring along to Mars?

What to bring along to Mars?
Longread | Written by: Henrik Kragh | Monday, August 9, 2021

A half a year ago I crashed head-on into a tree in a wood as I was riding my mountainbike. It hurt – especially because I have been biking since 2001. But nothing is so bad that it ain’t good for something. I was not allowed any screens, but sounds and walks were okay. So I engaged in those two things.

On my long walks in Odense I mostly listened to podcasts on quantum physics, UFOs and outer space. Finally I had time to indulge in my interests.

My conclusion so far is on the one hand hand that there is without a doubt life in outer space. The likelihood that there isn’t is simply too minimal. Maybe we even have had visitors without knowing it and this is where quantum physics comes into the picture. Secondly, I am quite sure that mankind will one day settle in space. Most likely Mars will be first and I want to go along.

The distance to Mars is 55.758.006 kilometers and with thermo nuclear rockets the trip should last less than a year. However, we still don’t know if humans will be able to endure such a trip.

In order to make the mission to Mars more endurable, I suggest that each passenger must bring with him or her four things from the towns they travel from. These would then be recreated on a giant laser printer and placed in the settlement. If we agree that, say, the 9th of August will be the date of departure, what things would I then bring along to Mars? Four things that mean to me, that I am still living in Odense after 25 years. And four things that I would be proud to show others and, maybe, to aliens from outer space. My bike, of course, is coming with me.

1) Muus Garden – Wonderful park area surrounded by beautiful apartment blocks from the 50s and big green trees that I myself have been using on a daily basis for 20 years. Lots of opportunities here – soft hills for sleds, playgrounds, wide plains for frisbee and chill, dog training, yoga and a lot of friends for yours and mine new puppy. Also, Muus Garden is the gate to the eastern part of the river path, which is the most attractive one.

2) Theater Momentum – In truth, I would like to bring all cultural institutions with me. But Momentum has just got everything – theater, music, talks, festivals and a cool sense of style and atmosphere, where one can just chill out. Theater Momentum has changed Odense more than any other cultural center.

3) Det Gode Brød – my favourite dish is bread and for the last 20 years I have picked it up from Det Gode Brød. All their cake and bread have been baked with love in a wholly ecological and sustainable process. Try rice bread and bring it along to Muus Have.

4) The chill tempo – during my education at SDU I went to Berlin for a year to study at Humboldt University. When I got home I realized that I had missed the tempo in Odense. I do the same after only one week in Århus or Copenhagen. Odense is becoming a big city. But I truly hope that it will be a big city in a moderate tempo, where there is still room for biking and walking slowly without having a croissant thrown in the neck. Odense will always be a provincial town and we should take pride in that. Rather kick back than stress out.

See you on Mars! Don’t forget your bike


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