Top 5 do-not-miss summer events

Top 5 do-not-miss summer events
Guide | Written by: Bo Jessen | Translated by: Malte Joe Frid-Nielsen | Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Even though we’ve already had more heat than we could dream of in a land that shares a lattitude with southern Alaska, the weather-gurus only seem to predict more to come. So maybe this is the year for you to stay local and hang out in the city? No matter what, it’s highly likely that many of you are going to spend a greater part of the next three months in O-Town.

And what are you supposed to do with that time, other than looking at trees and suspending yourself mid-dive between the heat and any available body of water? Here’s my ranked guide to the 5 events you should already be planning and booking into your summer calendar.


The evening sun caresses you, summer-fresh crowds glide along the characteristic mottled yellow bricks of Ny Vestergade – ebbing and flowing between the park and the market. The smell of new-lit coals mingles with the scent of fresh-mown grass. A faint mist sprays from Stryget’s rushing water, cooling you with the collected memories of rainy days past.

And then. You notice the exotic, sweaty, hypnotizing tones wafting out of Teater Momentum on the evening breeze. It is the sound of the whole world, as it finds its expression in London’s urban jungle. The sound of the burgeoning British jazz scene, which Momentum Musik, together with Jam Days, has managed to bring together into one day of festival-fusion, with jazz, electronica, folklore, hiphop and genres whose names are only now being invented.

Featured on the poster are Sarathy Korwar and Kefaya, both of whom guested Momentum within the last year and enjoyed their stay so much that they requested a return. They are joined in the program by Collocutor, Emanative and DJ Pete Buckenham.

After enjoying the intense, intimate concerts with both Sarathy Korwar and Kefaya, I can confidently predict that Jaiyede Jazzfestical will be the summer’s biggest musical experience.

You be the judge:

Kefaya – Indignados

Sarathy Korwar - Bismillah

 150 kr. ·100 kr with a musikårskort from Momentum · Free access with an armband from Jam Days · Buy your tickets here:



Denmark’s oldest film festival. Denmarks only Oscar qualifying film festival – now in four different categories. Odense’s window to bite-size worlds of wonder. A totally unique buzz in the area around Brandts, where wine and beer flow apace with foreign tongues and blanket-draped summer guests watch films on huge screens beneath the open skies. A relaxing week of cinematic stories, which never fails to charm anyone who meets the festival with an open heart.

111 short films have been selected for the 43rd edition of this festival, and are ready for perusal on the brand new website. The posters have been designed. Young film talents from the Super 16 program have been chosen as the year’s artistic profile and filmmakers from around the world have booked tickets to a week of film that is – almost – entirely free. Remember to pick up one of the printed programs when they land at the beginning of August. Leafing through them is always a delight.

A look back at OFF ’17

0 kr. · Some programs charge separately· Remember to reserve seats in the cinema as soon as they are available at


Foto: Hans Kristian Hannibal-Bach

Dynamo runs the new-circus stage and work-space in the old FAF building on Byens Ø. Their shows are always frenetic, bonkers, and wildly impressive, leaving audiences in a state of disbelieving wonder.  

For the second year in a row, they invite the best in the business from all over the world inside (and around, on top, and dangling outside of) warehouses and silos by the harbor to a bevy of impossible spectacles that are certain to surprise and move you. At the festival grounds there will also be food, post-apocalyptic punk-tivoli, and a late night cabaret accompanied with parties and live music. An average weekend in the dynamic world of new-circus.

A 10 minute recap of last year’s festival

The year’s program is not yet set · Festival and single-day tickets will be available (with the promise of early-bird discounts until the 1st of July) · Follow the updates here: · Buy tickets here:

4. JAM DAYS 2018 - AUGUST1st-4th

The amalgamated jazz, blues, and folk festival which sets the city’s stages rocking at the beginning of August has had a hard first couple of years. But this year it seems it’s found a solid core for the program.

With the absolute headliner, Jake Bugg, they’ve got a name that fits perfectly in the blues-folk universe while also attracting people with a knack for hit-lists and working-class English rock.

In addition to this, allow me to recommend the always unconventional pop-psychedelic-jazz-electro-rockers Hess is More, multilingual African-Caribbean Southern blues from Bokanté, and the awesomely vulnerable, ethereal neo-folk of Northern Jutland’s Sundays.

Jake Bugg live from T in the Park

650 kr. for a festival ticket · 350 kr. for a single-day admission for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday · Tickets can be found here:

5. TINDERBOX 2018 – JUne 28th-30th

Tinderbox has a problem. It labors under the idea that you can create a brand and an identity by positioning yourself in the slipstream of the market. Snuggled right up to the audience’s ass. The idea that everything that once sold, still sells.

But this approach has a number of drawbacks: First of all, it makes it impossible to find anything that is in the process of emerging, anything that shocks you with the thrill of discovering something new.  And it makes it hard to encourage the audience to love something they don’t already know. Because it isn’t a part of the packaging. Which probably explains why the most groundbreaking artists play to sparse crowds, while the party rages to the standard bearers from Grøn Koncert.

Secondly, it becomes impossible to create an identity independent of the musical lineup. The audience is forced to judge the experience solely on the bookings for the year, instead of the culture of the festival as a whole. And that’s a tenuous situation within the landscape of European and Danish festivals, where competition is greater than ever. Which might explain why –unlike most other festivals- Tinderbox once again hasn’t sold out long before the opening day.

But with that out of my system, I can confidently state the following:

1. This year’s program features Prophets of Rage, Iggy Pop, Depeche Mode, Editors and Jack White. How people who like Tiesto are supposed to get into Jack White and in what world Prophets of Rage’s fans can be imagined to abide Alanis Morisette, I’ll never know. But that doesn’t change the names.

2. There will be lots of delicious local food and drinks available and –judging by current trends- a fair amount of sunshine.

3. A huge international music festival is going down right here in Odense.

Three good reasons to snag one of the last remaining festival tickets before they’re gone. If you can afford the steep price, of course.

A recap of Tinderbox 2017

1.635 kr. for festival tickets · 1.035 kr for a single day for Friday or saturday · Buy tickets here:

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