Motherhood in the midst of war A classic narrative of love: A meeting, an infatuation, wedding, childbirth. All In the midst of war, now seen from a woman's perspective.

Motherhood in the midst of war
Movie | Sunday d. 8. Mar. 2020 | Brandts Passage 39, Odense C | Price: 90 Kr. | Buy tickets here | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Cathrine Hedegaard | Translated by: Christoffer Henneberg

Location: Cafe biografen
Organizer: Arab Women Film Festival

Imagine standing in the middle of the destruction and the evils of war and looking down at a positive pregnancy test. A mental bomb to go with the actual, daily bombs that makes up the soundtrack to your life.

Café Biografen is hosting an Arab Women Film Festival on International Women’s Day and will be screening the award-winning documentary “For Sama” that chronicles the life of Waad El-Kateab during five years of the civil war in Aleppo, Syria. In the course of those five years, she falls in love, gets married and gives birth to her firstborn child, Sama, just like young women at her age do all over the world. However, for her it creates an instant conflict: Will she have to flee the war in order to protect her daughter and thus give up the fight for freedom, to which she has already committed so much of herself?

We are in other words very far from Cute Fruit pregnancy apps; warnings not to eat sushi; baby matresses from BabySam that will prevent crib death (which is by the way the most borrowed cross-selling trick in history). Imagine the privilege of being able to use your mental abilities on Brie Cheese paranoia.

Go see the film in order to get a much-needed new perspective on a least two issues: Motherhood and war.

Link to the event

Written by Cathrine Hedegaard

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