Great grandma's food on a silver spoon

Other | Wednesday d. 26. Feb. 2020 | Overgade 52, Odense C | Price: 85 Kr. | Buy tickets here | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Pil Lindgreen | Translated by: Laura Malahovska

Location: Møntergården
Organizer: Møntergården

Grandma’s food is everything with brown sauce and everything butter roasted and crispy - something you eat when you really want to have that ‘hygge’ feeling. And great grandma’s food? An even more obscure concept. This week, at Møntergården, a new series of events for families with small children will start, and it will tell the story with the help of a spoon. The first time is 'food from great grandma’s times' with meat-free and simple everyday food tastings from the last century, which may well find its place back in today's kitchen. It is a sensory exhibition in the literal sense at the Children's Backyard (Børnenes Baggård). The museum will reveal the menu on the day, but I guess there are a lot of warm fruit purees on the menu.

Full disclosure: I have 0 (zero) babies myself and therefore not in the target group for baby MUS, but I loved porridge growing up and also had a phase in my adulthood where my dad and I tried all the dishes from his childhood for fun, such as grynsuppe - vælling (better than the name suggests), gratinrand (if you love eggs but think omelets should be boiled), sweet soup (sødsuppe) with crackers (which you can learn to love), and sagogrød (completely horrid; as rubbery bubble tea), and I've never felt so close to my grandparents as with a spoonful of watery porridge in my mouth.

Price: DKK 85 for adults, free for your baby. Registration no later than February 25th

BabyMUS is nine special events for parents on maternity/paternity leave in 2020, each time with a new theme.

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Written by Pil Lindgreen

Jeg er født her, og kan ikke skille byen fra mig selv. Jeg har været igennem alle faser af had, kærlighed og ligegyldighed. Som teenager gik jeg talløse, rastløse ture, som altid syntes at ende på ...

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