BAEST and Lucifer pay a visit Death Metal band BAEST launch album nr. 2

BAEST and Lucifer pay a visit
Concert | Thursday d. 12. Sep. 2019 | Overgade 18, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Rasmus Møller Madsen | Translated by: Elena Stanciu

Location: RecordPusher
Organizer: Record Pusher

The smiling death boys are back in Odense. Not to play a magnificent concert, but to pamper those who always have BAEST at the top of their search history on Spotify. Record Pusher will host them for a few tracks, a chat and signing of their new album.

Who knows – this may be the day Lucifer breaks free of his ice hell, goes back through the 9 circles of sin, strutting down Overgade, with Judas hanging in one of his mouths, and stands in line to get his copy of “Venenum.”

Link to the event

Written by Rasmus Møller Madsen

Opvokset i jysk skovidyl, selvforsynerdrømme, kærlighed, geder og koloenorme køkkenhaver. Senere forsigtigt trådt ind i civilisationen, oplevet komplekse sociale sam...

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