ROBOTICS ECOSYSTEMS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM A pop-up exhibition about local robots

Exhibition | Tuesday d. 9. Jul. - Friday d. 12. Jul. 2019 | Overgade 52, Odense C | Price: 85 Kr. | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Elena Stanciu

Location: Møntergården
Organizer: Møntergården

It probably comes as a surprise to find out that Odense is being called a ‘robot city.’ It’s not really what city branding efforts put forth, and definitely not a spirit of the city, to be felt at every corner. At least – not yet.  But cobblestone streets, cosy summer festivals, and the charming legacy of H.C. Andersen are only one side of a city that fosters innovation, technological growth, and forward-thinking entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

A 2019 report released by Odense Robotics, “one of the world’s top robotics clusters,” reveals economic and structural growth: 129 member companies (from 85 in 2015); 763 million Euro in revenues in 2017; total investments have risen from 322 million Euro in 2015 to 750 million Euro in 2018.

A vibrant robotics ecosystem is clearly part of the city’s future. This is why Møntergården, the cultural history museum in Odense, is doing the (necessarily predictable) looking back at the history of robots in the city, in the attempt to answer the question we’ve all been asking (at least since starting to read this article) – What makes Odense a robot city?

Visit the pop-up exhibition every day from Tuesday to Friday, and bring your most curious, anxious-about-the-future-of-humanity self – it will surely be put to good use!

Link to the event

Written by Elena Stanciu

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