Avi Buffalo Up Close More intimate than an intimate concert

Avi Buffalo Up Close
Concert | Friday d. 14. Jun. 2019 | Overgade 18, Odense C | Price: 150 Kr. | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Pil Lindgreen | Translated by: Malte Joe Frid-Nielsen

Location: RecordPusher
Organizer: RecordPusher

Avigdor Zahner-Eisenberg has a voice like a failed spring romance and three crystal clear low-key, high-karat indie-pop celebrated albums behind him. So why is he playing one of his two concerts in all of Denmark in a record shop on a cobblestone street in Odense?

Because somebody had the balls to ask him (a do-it-yourself lesson to all of us?): Per Jørgensen, who had followed Avi Buffalo on Instagram for a few years and noticed that he had a week-long hole in his calendar on his European tour.

Per tells it: “I wrote that I wanted to showcase him in Odense, while my daughter contacted one of her friends who lives in the co-op Maos Lyst in Hellerup. They decided to open their house up for this event and suddenly Avi’s Danish tour was a reality – he was into it!”

Bo Ellegård from vinylpusher in Nedergade contributed to making this happen by offering up his shop as a venue – in his own words partly because both of Avi’s records – Avi Buffalo (2010) and At Best Cuckold (2014) - have always been steady sellers.

And it’s all totally in Avi’s style; he broke up his band in 2015 after almost breaking himself with a relentless touring schedule on a SubPop contract. Since then, he’s been his own manager and as a result works at a whole other tempo and in a whole other style. Happily.

Now it’s going to be exciting to see how many locals, other than the two organizers, agree that this is a top-shelf Friday night delight. Bo and Per hope people catch the drift, and I do too – I’m just crossing my fingers that the frothing hordes only pounce after I’ve secured my ticket on Tuesday, when the shop opens again after the holiday.

Because there are only going to be 30(!) tickets to the concert at 20:00 – and they can only be bought over the counter at Record Pusher on a first-come-first-served basis. But PS: There is also going to be a free soundcheck and record signing at 15:00 that afternoon, if you can’t catch the ticket. Last time we were packed in, breathing down one another’s necks in the little room.

Link to the event

Written by Pil Lindgreen

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