City walk about Odense's identities Odense between village and city

City walk about Odense's identities
| Wednesday d. 15. Aug. 2018 | Overgade 52, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Bo Jessen | Translated by: Malte Joe Frid-Nielsen

Location: Møntergården
Organizer: Møntergården

Little Copenhagen. Home of the minor nobility. The biggest industrial town in the provinces. Denmark’s greenest city. Denmarks biggest village. Metropolis.

Many stories have been told about Odense through the centuries. It has always been a city engaged in a dialogue between conservative self-sufficiency and an international outlook.

Stories have shaped the changes in the city and the changes have created stories of their own, as is still the case today.

And perhaps the stories we believe and tell about ourselves are more important for our life here in Odense than we might think?

Go on a city tour through Odense’s many identities from the renaissance to the present day with the effusive Camilla Schjerning and find your own answers.

The tour is free and departs from Overgade 48.

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Written by Bo Jessen

Odense er et had-kærlighedsforhold. Det er byen som betyder meget for mig, men som jeg kun kan bo i hvis jeg lægger mine kræfter i at forandre den. Jeg føler et ansvar for hver halvfyldte koncert o...

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