Just how dangerous is this vegan-thing? One small word that immediately will make both parties defend their eating habits. But just how dangerous is it really?

Just how dangerous is this vegan-thing?
| Tuesday d. 28. Feb. 2017 | Nedergade 12, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Johanne Kohlmetz | Translated by: Laura Malahovska

Location: StudieStuen
Organizer: StudieStuen, Dyrenes Alliance Odense

You almost cannot be bothered, right? Oh, how tired you are all of a sudden, such a lack of energy and a frown on your face. You almost cannot be bothered to start the debate, whichever side you are on. Either for or against. Either indifferent or excited. But you are fortunate that someone else does it.

I could say quite a lot - and I do it when I think it makes sense. This topic that essentially is quite a small issue; what I put in my mouth - or what you put in your mouth.

But I am not going to say anything. Instead, I ask you - whether you are supporting or disagreeing with the philosophy of ‘veganism’ - drop by StudieStuen later this week and hear why for example Björg Kristjánsdóttir, regional coordinator for Animal Alliance Odense, chose to become vegan and why more and more people choose to change their eating habits and avoid animal products.

In another of this week’s recommendations, I have written about music, and one particular piece that is about “comfort zone” - in a more poetic way than it sounds when it is put here in writing. It is about how nothing new ever changes, unless you move out of it.

I do like to be in my comfort zone. But last year in March I jumped into to the unknown in terms of what I put in my mouth and body. And it was not that scary. The most dangerous and terrifying part is the conversations about how and why. So come over to StudieStuen on Tuesday and talk about this veganism that sounds so dangerous, but in reality is not.

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Written by Johanne Kohlmetz

Odense er mit nye hjem og min gamle skolekammerat. Officielt, sådan med adresse, seng, sporadisk møblement og den slags er jeg først flyttet til Odense i Februar 2016. Men jeg har været i byen i ma...

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