How's the book coming, along, Hemingway? The publisher Gladiator opens up the Funen Writing School (in Danish), with application deadline today the 16th of January.

How's the book coming, along, Hemingway?
Other | Monday d. 16. Jan. 2017 | Nedergade 12, Odense C | Price: 15995 Kr. | Buy tickets here | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Joachim Lykke | Translated by: Irina Antonescu

Location: StudieStuen
Organizer: Forlaget Gladiator

Joachim Lykke is recommending the Funen Writing School, taking place in StudieStuen this spring:

"I am giving the Funen Writing School a year. Then Gladiator will experience that Funen has been exhausted for students. Such a writing school will not be committed enough to create a real grounded environment, but is here because they experience that in a period there’s a commercial opportunity. It’s excellent, but it’s our own responsibility, if we want to have a literary significance in the longer term.
Can’t we be more ambitious, courageous and long-term-sighted, as we in Odense, politically speaking, are currently claiming to be in many other areas? In the cultural institutions, and in Odense municipality - where are the players like Odense & Co in the literary experience economy?

And then there’s need that we as writers are willing to be townsmen and write literature about Odense, about Fyn, that we dare to be from here, and maybe even are happy with it, or at least would like to tell about it, whether good or bad.

The application deadline for Gladiator’s Funen writing School is today, January 16th, at midnight. Submit your application here. "

Joachim Lykke is the editor of Floret, a magazine for Scandinavian contemporary literature, and co-editor of the publishing house Vild Maskine (wild machine), based in Vordingborg. He is also the author of the novel Om min søster (About my sister, 2015, Publisher Fuglekøjen). He grew up in Nyborg and is living in Odense.

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