Ecstasy Kalaha at RecordPusher Well dozed hangover-techno

Ecstasy Kalaha at RecordPusher
| Sunday d. 7. Aug. 2016 | Overgade 18, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | This week’s guest recommendation is wirtten by: Albert Petersen | Translated by: Fabio Trecca

Location: RecordPusher
Organizer: Recordpusher

Imagine that every Sunday a crew of Odense's finest is ready to nurse your hangover with a lot of techno. Loud, umti-umti techno. How does it sound? Brilliant?

Than we agree with each other.


I see your point.

But Ecstasy Kalaha's Sunday raves are something else, and they're worth checking out. To call Ecstasy Kalaha a group of DJs is simply not fair. Not because I do not deem the discjokeying activity as serious, but because what those guys are doing goes well beyond that.

I still haven't managed to experience hangover-laden low-frequency music on Sundays, but still the concept has made a good impression on me via their live streams on facebook, with their catchy pictures, good sound, and generally very high quality (which by the way is a performance in itself — if you've ever gotten a notification from a page you've liked, stared for 15 seconds at a grainy picture, and shut down again because you couldn't understand what it was about, and there was really not much to understand, than you know how bad it can get).

These Sunday raves are visually impressive. External artists have often been providing visuals to the concept, which has given the organizers room to focus on light effects and the (extremely well-functioning) bird's eye view.

This Sunday, the happening is taking place in Record Pusher's vinyl lounge — hopefully the first of many of this type of events, because can I imagine this concept to work very well in such a setting.

So if you're reading this on a Sunday, and the words are not swimming around because your eyes are watery while you make kodimagnyl-cocktails, then I think you should join in. Damn! It's Sunday, you have no plans, and if you're lucky you're also still on holiday on Monday. 

And IF you on the other hand are sick — make a bloody mary and have your own quite party on your couch with good music, good camera handling, and a promise to yourself that you will join the rave next time.

Link to the event

Written by Albert Petersen

Odense er min hjemby og fødeby. Det er her jeg er vokset op, med en billet til første parket til at opleve en by, der har været i forandring næsten så længe jeg kan huske - en by, der har ændret si...

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