It is Halloween and I cannot stand it. I have never been thrilled by the uncanny and only watch horror movies if it means body contact as well. Therefore, in that Halloween week 2020, we will look forward to the cozy, that which does not shock, which remains and what we can warm up to and play through. Here, there are no clipped fingers dangling recklessly in your indignant face, but there are infinity gardens, book clubs, full English breakfast, and a membership you will actually be happy with. Extra greetings with alcohol gel and love from a distance. Anna Skau Tolstrup

Mon 26
10/26/2020 3:00:00 PM 10/26/2020 18:00 40 Green winter Infinity garden within reach Lottrups Gård 1, Odense C Café Kosmos Vegan & Organic false DD-MM-YYYY

Green winter Infinity garden within reach

Green winter
Other | Kl. 15:00 - 18:00 | Lottrups Gård 1, Odense C | Price: 199 Kr. | Written by: Anna Skau Tolstrup | Translated by: Francois Picard

Location: Café Kosmos
Organizer: Café Kosmos Vegan & Organic

Is there anything nicer than gardening? This summer, my mom and her husband introduced me proudly to their new garden project. "Wild on purpose" was the theme. Sporadically planted shrubs and trees that have since made it slightly more troublesome to mow grass. Now their garden’s flowers begin to wither, the leaves fall from the trees and "wild on purpose" is mostly just something that lasted when the spring sun was once again throwing its magical tentacles over everyone's gardens and was making spring sprouts and buds.

But! It can be wild on purpose (is it just me, or does it sound a bit like the kind of hairstyle you can spend several hours on, so it looks suitably wild and random?) all year long. It is obviously about wintrily wild garden on wintry purpose. Cafe Kosmos takes all garden owners under its wing with a very special event, where the chairman of Gro Odense, Michala Sandberg, holds a workshop about garden design, with coffee and cake, to assist you in designing your own garden. You will bring home your own personal garden plan at the end. Isn’t it great?! As always, one can make the best out of most things and a green winter is just suddenly within reach.

Drop by Kosmos or call 25113123 to sign up.

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Mon 26
10/26/2020 4:30:00 PM 10/26/2020 18:30 40 Tribute to book clubs Hokus pokus, George Orwell in focus! Østre Stationsvej 15, Odense C Odense Hovedbibliotek false DD-MM-YYYY

Tribute to book clubs Hokus pokus, George Orwell in focus!

Tribute to book clubs
Other | Kl. 16:30 - 18:30 | Østre Stationsvej 15, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Anna Skau Tolstrup | Translated by: Francois Picard

Location: Hovedbiblioteket
Organizer: Odense Hovedbibliotek

The first time I read Comrade Napoleon I was 12 years old and got from my mum a half-ragged copy stuck in my hands with the message: 'read'. As a 12-year-old, I read probably quite a lot of any kind, but most of the time I did not understand a thing. In fact, it was only when I was twenty-sixth years old that I remembered the evil pig who decided to be sheriff of the farm because of, well, his own conceit. I watched indeed the short film Dinner for Few, where greedy pigs gobble down their food and leave the remains for the rabble. I just suddenly thought then: “Whoa, the other story was as well about a pig! Perhaps it was not just a fairy tale about talking animals, but rather an allegory of those in power and evil cycles.” So much for five years as a student of comparative literature, huh?

That is why we need to talk about it. It´s never dull to talk about literature and we always get wiser and may not have to wait 14 years to get literary recommendations. We must turn it around, flip it over, as the rapper Johnson would sing when he used to torment every dance floors of every clubs. I mean literature, not women, as he surely meant it in the first place. And I miss it. The talk about the comma that changes the whole narrative. Knausgaard's wonderful use of quotation marks that can be directly transferred to the difference between the public versus the private human being. Borges’ utterly wonderful use of ellipse when, with three small dots, he emphasizes the untruth of the written story. Oh, books. None of my friends at university was thrilled by my lectures on hyphenated functions. Instead they preferred flying on magically realistic rugs and looking secretly at utopias and Jameson's theories. And because we talked about it, we got wiser, as it is usually with most things.

With my diploma in hand, I am happily going to move on to... what? The world of book clubs is probably the next one where I can bore people to death and raise the banner of literature discussion, and I look forward to it!

Odense Main Library starts already today with a book club about George Orwell, where the iconic 1984 is on the poster. Even though the registration deadline was the 1st of October, you can send a timid email to Katrine at and ask if there is room for you. And if not, if there is room on November 30th, where our grunting comrade is taken under loving care in loving surroundings.

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Fri 30
10/30/2020 9:00:00 PM 10/30/2020 40 Playful listening The membership you long for Odense AKADEMIET // for åben lytning, Odense Musikbibliotek, Kulturmaskinen Odense false DD-MM-YYYY

Playful listening The membership you long for

Playful listening
Other | Kl. 21:00 | Odense | Price: 150 Kr. | Buy tickets here | Written by: Anna Skau Tolstrup | Translated by: Francois Picard

Location: Odense by
Organizer: AKADEMIET // for åben lytning, Odense Musikbibliotek, Kulturmaskinen Odense

Why write something when it has already been written in a better way? Therefore, just a quick review and conclusion with the organizers' own wonderful words in the middle!

What is it? Academy of Open-minded Listening.

What a title! What is it about? The board & the Academy for Open Listening say:

Can you create a space to meet around music with a higher desire than just being entertained? What can we use this space for if we gather our energy and create something together, while we listen?
Can we create an open-minded space for experimentation and mutual learning through openness, humility, and empathy?
Can we increase our ambitions about what we want with the music in our city?

Hooray! So, what do I do now? You can participate in two ways. You can become part of the academy's creative community, where in addition to access to all events and concerts, you also become part of secret workshops and collective music creation, which have been developed by Forlaget Kornmod. If you want to join the opening ritual (and the starting signal), then you must join the academy and then Forlaget Kornmod will send you an email with all the information. OR you can buy a ticket for a whole set of events, where you get access as part of the audience to the six events that the academy arranges at various venues throughout Odense.

An open-minded music illuminatus that takes place playfully and openly to create a phonetic playroom for the benefit of each of us as well as of our community here in Odense. Honestly, how can one not want to join?

Read more here.

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Sat 31
10/31/2020 5:00:00 PM 10/31/2020 19:00 40 Saturday partner match Your favorite breakfast with beer Vintapperstræde 57, Odense C The Tipsy Toad Pub false DD-MM-YYYY

Saturday partner match Your favorite breakfast with beer

Saturday partner match
Other | Kl. 17:00 - 19:00 | Vintapperstræde 57, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Anna Skau Tolstrup | Translated by: Francois Picard

Location: The Tipsy Toad Pub
Organizer: The Tipsy Toad Pub

Bacon. Baked beans. Fried eggs, sunny side up. Craft beer. Yeah right? Maybe you have found yourself a girlfriend who really wants to go out and eat on Saturday night, while you would rather fill your stomach with beers at the local pub? Is it a problem? Do you need a solution? Here it is:

One of Odense's very best restaurants, Vår, delivers a full British breakfast, while giving you a good taste of craft beer. Imagine being able to sit with a piece of perfectly fried bacon in one hand and a beer in the other, next to one you love and toast from a distance. Full British breakfast and craft beer may not sound like the most obvious match. But just think about the ones in your own social circles, about who you thought silently at the beginning: "It is not going to last, I will not see them together again". And now you may actually go on a weekend trip with the same ones five years later. I guess this is what we are all going to think on Saturday when considering the combination full British followed by microbrewery. Demonology Brewing sends the brew masters Benjamin Overgaard & Klaus Rehkopff, surely the perfect Saturday duo, to guide you through.

To book your place and hear about the price, send a PM to Tipsy Toad, and you can do it right here.

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