This week's program has a bit of everything and something for all. There is doll magic for the childish souls, breasts in clown costumes, empty canvases and important small publishers. And then I haven't even mentioned Brungvigerens Day, reggae at Momentum or Odense Symphonic Orchestras performance of Giuseppes Verdis epic tale about the Ethiopian princes Aida. Oh yes, there are plenty of adventures to indulge in. Let loose! - Nicole Nicole Faxholm Pedersen

Tue 12
10/12/2021 5:00:00 PM 10/12/2021 21:00 40 Ready, set, DRAW! Be creative Farvergården 7, Odense C Larsen og Co. - Medieværkstedet på Kulturmaskinen false DD-MM-YYYY

Ready, set, DRAW! Be creative

Ready, set, DRAW!
Other | Kl. 17:00 - 21:00 | Farvergården 7, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Buy tickets here | Written by: Nicole Faxholm Pedersen

Location: Kulturmaskinen
Organizer: Larsen og Co. - Medieværkstedet på Kulturmaskinen

"Everyone can draw". You have probably heard those words before – from your excentric visual arts teacher, your ever-supportive mother or maybe your uncle. That one, you know, who always walks around with a sketchbook in his bag and a coal pencil in his flowered breast pocket. And yes, I actually have one like that. And he’s gifted. So gift, in fact, that it hurts. Even though it can also seem frightening. The blank white paper. The unwritten leaf.

Fortunately there is every Tuesday a small drawing group that gathers at Kulturmaskinens Medieværksted – or at least that’s what Facebook tells me that they do, until December. A small and free space where thoughts can be made into lines and where emotions are best described in color. Where nothing is wrong and everything is right. Where you will be taken in hand in order to let loose your creative instincts. A perfect escape from the humdrum of everyday life.

Now that is a great way to spend a Tuesday evening. And it’s free of charge as well – you don’t even have to bring your own pencil case since materials are free to use. Are you ready? I know I am.

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Fri 15
10/15/2021 8:00:00 PM 10/16/2021 21:10 40 Breast in Peace Fool around with circus, devil-may-care-attitude and humor Finlandskaj 6 DYNAMO - Workspace for circus and performing arts false DD-MM-YYYY

Breast in Peace Fool around with circus, devil-may-care-attitude and humor

Breast in Peace
Other | Kl. 20:00 - 21:10 | Finlandskaj 6 | Price: 120 Kr. | Buy tickets here | Written by: Nicole Faxholm Pedersen

Location: Dynamo
Organizer: DYNAMO - Workspace for circus and performing arts

Breasts, boobs, bazookas, knockers, tits. A beloved name has many children and the dense breast- vocabulary carries everything from decadence to outright food-connotations. As for my own bodily attributives I have had them called both tea bags and bananas and lately various people have named them lunch boxes. A narrative that apparently follows the two parallel lines on a positive pregnancy test.

Biologically we are all equipped with a pair of them. Breasts that is. And yes, the amount of fat, connective issue and glands differs from person to person – and men to women – but they are nevertheless a natural part of our human biology. They are, however, one of the most discussed body organs in public debate and everybody seems to hold an opinion as to what, how and when. Or at least if these two warts, if warts they be, are of female signature.

I say: Hurray! Hurray for the big ones. For the small one. For the hanging ones. The sexy ones. The heavy ones. For the muscular…and for the four clowns from M.P.A.C. who in the voltage between the embarrassing and the virtuous brings the discussion onto the stage. It’s punk circus attitude at its best. It is Breast in Peace. It is go!

Do you want even more breasts? The hurry up and get a ticket for Friday and listen along when DYNAMO After Dark, together with Fyens Stiftstidende, invites you to a talk, immersion and reflection after the show.

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Sat 16
10/16/2021 1:00:00 PM 10/16/2021 14:00 40 Pinocchio Embark on a dangerous journey! Filosofgangen 19, Odense C Nørregaards Teater false DD-MM-YYYY

Pinocchio Embark on a dangerous journey!

Theatre | Kl. 13:00 - 14:00 | Filosofgangen 19, Odense C | Price: 45 Kr. | Buy tickets here | Written by: Nicole Faxholm Pedersen

Location: Nørregaards Teater
Organizer: Nørregaards Teater

Throughout my whole childhood one thing was for certain: My mother is afraid of Pinocchio. In fact it has been a standing joke around the dinner table  when the Friday film was to be chosen. Nevertheless, it is a fact today that I, throughout my lifetime of 28 years, still haven’t seen the Italian fairy tale from end to end. My frame of reference only reaches to the colorful licorice balls and, of course, the well-known I’ve got no Strings-scene from Disney’s Christmas Show, that was only allowed in order to secure Christmas peace. As a mother one must choose one’s battles.

So, when the title popped up among Nørregårds Theaters autumn shows, I wasn’t in doubt: Here was the opportunity to finally get to know the long-nosed wooden doll and, furthermore, experience it in one of my favorite rooms: the theater hall. Thus, this week’s recommendations are just as much pointed towards myself as it is to you. A recommendation full of poetic doll magic, quirky humor and unconditional love.

Carlo Collodis wonderful classic is brought to us in a new version by Teater Patrasket, and I’ll dare say that the tale is just as much for the accompanying adult as it is for the kids. Beware that tickets are selling fast, but that there are still some available for the Saturday show which runs from 13.00 to 14.00.

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Sat 16
10/16/2021 12:00:00 PM 10/16/2021 22:00 40 Small Publishers Day Combined book day and poetry festival Vestergade 95b, Odense C Odense Lyrik + Modspor false DD-MM-YYYY

Small Publishers Day Combined book day and poetry festival

Small Publishers Day
| Kl. 12:00 - 22:00 | Vestergade 95b, Odense C | Price: 0 Kr. | Written by: Nicole Faxholm Pedersen

Location: Teater95B
Organizer: Odense Lyrik + Modspor

This here. This is an ode to the small publishers. Those where profit has been exchanged for publishing poetics and where the reader is challenged rather than pleased. They have long been roaming in the shadows, but are important in their own way. They are experimental and specialized and happily they are growing ever more numerous. And their driving force? None other than sheer love for great literature. And that is exactly is what I think is worth celebrating.

This week’s last recommendation is thus a big shout-out to the small, independent publishers. And to Odense Lyrik that along with Modspor have arranged a whole day in the service of the small books. The description of the event is, fittingly enough, somewhat taciturn, but doors open already at noon and have counted no less than 12 of the country’s important small publishers that will be present. Furthermore, the day is to been seen as a compensation for all the cancelled festivals in march 2020 and march 2021. Thus you will also be offered various talks and readings – among them the publisher Ekbátana that invites you to a gaming night with popular anthology Spillekort med digte.

It is all about shouting in chorus to be heard, so come and shout along. You might be introduced to a new and exciting author to put on your book shelf.

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